Gybe Media & Technology


We design & develop web solutions that suit the clients’ requirements and budget using the latest technologies and techniques. Our clients come to us because we have the know-how to develop websites, email newsletters, Facebook pages, web-apps, etc.

We now offer multilingual services. Translation and interpreting (simultaneous and consecutive) to and from German, English, French and Greek.


Our Twitter Feed

  • Designer: We want to create a PDF with a link to a print-friendly version PDF. Me thinking: I thought PDF *was* printer-friendly. 3 years ago
  • Working on project “Chris”. Watch this space for more details. 3 years ago
  • Website update: A couple of more projects in the portfolio and added Multilingual Services – 3 years ago
  • Looking for a Wordpress Paypal plugin. Not with a shopping cart, but with a registration form to fill in before paying. Recommendations? 3 years ago
  • Working on project Mars. More info coming soon. 3 years ago